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ground source heat pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps a Renewable Energy Source.

Ground source heat pumps use coil-shaped piping which is placed underground in your garden. It extracts heat from underground. The heat arrives at the property where it can be used to heat flooring, radiators, provide warm air heating and hot water to the entire home.

How do Ground Source Heat Pumps Work?

The ground heat pump works by circulating a mixture of antifreeze and water in a pipe that is coiled like a loop. The coiling or loop is buried about three ft underground in the garden. The heat that is provided from the ground is quickly absorbed into the mixture of fluid. The water-antifreeze mixture passes through a heat exchanger into a heat pump.   The size of the pipe coiling/looping will depend on how big the home is.  As you can imagine the larger the loop, the more heat, it will generate, but this requires lots of room in the garden. Alternatively, if space is something you do not have we can do a vertical borehole.

Benefits of using ground source heat pumps


  • Can provide an income from the government.
  • Will lower the price of fuel bills.
  • Lower home carbon footprint, lower emissions.
  • No need for fuel.
  • Can provide heating to your home as well as the hot water system.
  • Hardly any maintenance required.

Heat pumps tend to deliver heat at a wide range of temperatures but over longer periods. Unlike gas and oil boilers during the winter months, they will need to be on none stop to provide your home with enough heat. Radiators tend to feel not as hot as gas and oil boilers but are sufficient to produce heat.

Should I get a ground source heat pump?.

  • Does your garden have enough room for a heat loop?. The room required doesn’t have to be massive, but it will need to be suitable for digging a big enough trench or a borehole.
  • Do you have a well insulated home?. Ground heat pumps only tend to work best at producing and keeping heat in your home if you have a well-insulated house. This allows the heating system to be very efficient.
  • Will you be replacing a fuel-based heating system?. If you are using the ground source heat pump system to replace electric or coal heating. It will pay off for itself more quickly.  Heat Pump systems may not be suitable for homes with gas boilers and heating.

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