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biomass boilers

Biomass Boilers UK Can Save You Money.


Save On Energy Bills by up to £900 pound a year by having Commercial Biomass Boilers installed.


Wood fuelled commercial biomass boilers heating systems. They can burn pellets, chips, logs and wood to provide heat to rooms or to give power to central heating and provide the house with hot water.

A room in the house will have a part where it burns wood or pellets which heats that room. This may or may not be fitted with a boiler which can provide heated water. The commercial biomass boiler burn pellets, logs, wood and chips. With it being connected to the central heating it can provide the house with heating and also hot tap water. Commercial biomass boilers has the potential to save £900 pounds a year comparing against electric heating.

Benefits of having Domestic Biomass Boilers UK.

  • Cheap and Affordable Heating.

Wood prices are relatively low compare to other heating methods.

  • Low Carbon


As long as new tress and plants replace the ones that are used for fuel. The carbon dioxide can be absorbed over the next few months or years by the new plants, trees growing. This way as long as their is new plants and new tress growing in the place of the ones used for fuel it can be sustained. Domestic Biomass Boilers produce less emissions than using standard fossil fuels.


Maintenance of  Industrial Biomass Boilers UK.

You should keep clean your industrial biomass boilers and ash removed. It should be emptied at least once a week to remove ash and other debris. The ash it produces is usually about 1% of the fuel used to provide heating. Most boilers and burning stove comes with a ash bin which makes removing waste ash an easy task.

Some other types of boilers come with self-cleaning systems which can collect ash from all parts of the boiler the combustion grate and heat exchange tubes. If there is not an automated cleaner which removes ash. The boiler would need to be shut down once a year so that all the ash can be cleaned out.

Boilers that go uncleaned for along time it can eventually build up and cause problems with combustion. Can lead to the industrial biomass boiler failing and shutting down. Some biomass boilers come with a nice feature which allows them to compress ash. Compressing ash significantly reduces the amount of times you have to clean the ash bin.


If you have an automatic ash remover and cleaner you will only require a annual maintenance check and the occasional ash remove from the system. If you are using a wood burning stove or a biomass boiler. The chimney and other pipes will need to be swept clear of all soot deposits to prevent any blockages. It is recommended that you should have it swept at least twice a year.


Which wood fuelled heating system should i choose?


Stove or Boiler?


Biomass boilers the UK can be used instead of a gas or oil boiler to heat up radiators providing heating for the whole house. They can also heat hot water.


Stoves tend to be used to heat just one single room, more than likely they are used in conjunction with other types of heating systems. But you may also find a boiler to supply hot water.


Pellets, Logs or Chips?

Pellets tend to be easier to use than logs and chips. Pellet boilers can run a fully automatic system in the same way as oil boilers or gas boilers function. Some chip and pellet burners can come with an automatic systems that feed the fuel. This then only requires being refilled every so often.


For heating larger buildings and housing groups. We recommend chips.


Stove and boilers that use logs have to be filled with wood by hand. They require a lot more work than pellets and chips. You will need to provide the stove with a lot of logs in order to heat the house. However logs can be much cheaper than pellets if you can find a cheap local supply.


Do you have the space for a biomass boiler the UK?


Boilers that use wood for fuel are bigger than gas and oil boilers. You will need space not only just for the boiler but somewhere to store fuel. This place would also be handy if it can be accessed for deliveries of fuel to feed the furnace.


Where will you store the fuel?


You will need fuel to keep your boilers going. You will need a space where fuel can be stored whether its logs, chips or pellets.


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